Thursday, September 01, 2011

Our Flight to Italy

From door step of our home to door step of our hotel in Italy, it took us 16 hours of travel!  Needless to say, I was exhausted when we finally arrived!

We began our honeymoon by boarding an Alitalia plane at John F. Kennedy Aiport in New York.  Our departure time was perfect (9:40 PM) which meant that we could (theoretically) sleep on the 8.5-hour flight and arrive in Italy around Noon.  :)

Michael's military ID card allowed us to board early with the first class passengers!  As everyone settled into the plane and prepared for take-off, beautiful piano music played softly in the background.  What a pleasant touch!

We were lucky enough to be seated with no one beside us, so we spread out and made good use of that extra seat and leg space!  :)

And while we should have slept, we were distracted with the prospects of watching multiple movies, playing video games, checking the digital flight map, and eating a snack, dinner, and then breakfast.

It was a very long but very pleasant journey!  One of the things I loved best about the flight on Alitalia was the soft piano music they played while we were boarding.  It certainly soothed me!