Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Last Day in Roma, Italy

It was bittersweet leaving Italy. 

My soul had a refreshed feeling, and I felt a deep sense of thanksgiving, having just enjoyed the ultimate destination with my beloved husband.

I was sad to leave, yet I was also satisfied and eager to begin a normal living routine with my new husband.  I couldn't wait to journal about our time in Italy and share photos with family and friends.  And I was eager to squeeze Macy, our golden retriever, again.  It was time to come home.  :)

Here's a few of the last pictures we snapped while on our honeymoon.  I will never forget this trip and how much fun we had!

The quantity of religious sisters at this bus stop made it difficult to squeeze on the bus!  Haha.

One of our favorite fruit stands!

This is the street artist we bought a few pieces from!  He was painting right before us!

What a gorgeous balcony!  I snapped this photo at night, hence the weird hue.  But isn't it beautiful?