Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Stay at the Hotel Mozart

Returning to Roma two days early delighted us.  :)

We were excited to see more of the city we loved.  Sites that we had reluctantly crossed off our to-do list due to lack-of-time were now eagerly back on it.

Our second hotel was pleased to take us two days early, and to do so, they would give us even better accommodations than originally planned, although they would charge us for the lesser.

Our bed would be king size instead of queen.  Our room would be fancier, with beautiful hand-painted portraits on the ceiling.  We would have our own wardrobe closet and our own private computer.

Here are some pictures!

This was the door to our wing of the hotel! It emptied right onto a busy street, somewhat near the Spanish Steps.

After entering the door, we'd walk down this long corridor...

To a quiet, secluded courtyard...

Then up the stairs that lead to our room...

This was the second of three security marks we had to pass through...

Our room!!

The beautiful painted wood ceiling above our bed!

Michael immediately made use of the wardrobe closet!

I looooved the cool sink in the bathroom!

We didn't even use the computer once, since we had our iPhones!  Plus, we wanted to live in the real world, instead of the digital one.  :)

The breakfast room was gorgeous, but I forgot to take a picture!  We started most of our days in that room, and the food was fabulous!  The windows were always wide open, and we thank God for the gorgeous, Springtime weather we enjoyed every day!