Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally Framed: Our Papal Blessing & a Painting of the Vatican

Finally, I have framed the beautiful hand-painted parchment we got in Italy that says our marriage was blessed by Pope Benedict!

The document was a large but uncommon size, so finding an appropriate frame was challenging.  I began to worry that we would have to get it professionally framed, which certainly could cost a bunch.

But, I said some prayers, and remained patient.  Finally one day recently, while I was in A.C. Moore to return some ribbons, I saw that they had a sale on ready-made frames...and they had one that would perfectly fit our blessing paper!

Not only was the frame on sale, but a woman in line in front of me graciously gave me one of her extra coupons.  So the frame was only $10!

Incredibly, I was also able to get a matching frame (that already came with a perfectly-sized mat built into it) for even cheaper at just $9!  In this, I placed our water color painting of the beautiful, open-arms entrance into Vatican City.  We bought the painting from a local street vendor that was near the Spanish Steps.

Do you like the finished products?  We hope to hang them in a special place.  :)