Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From a Band Practice Space to a Regular Garage

This past Sunday afternoon, Michael and I transformed our detached garage from my band's old practice space to a more normal-looking garage.  Look at how proud Michael looks with the finished product!

We removed all of its contents, swept the floor, and then selectively hung tools and positioned equipment for convenience.

I agreed to part with many things.  To the sidewalk adorned with "Free" signs went our green lounge chair, a big container of propane, and my beloved clawfoot bathtub. 

The propane was gone by morning, and the clawfoot bathtub was gone by the afternoon.  Our neighbor explained that two plumbers came by and said that my vintage tub was worth $600!  They excitedly took it immediately.  (I knew it was worth holding onto all these years!  Now I regret not trying to get some money for it!)

In the center of the garage, we gathered up items for our upcoming "Free Yard Sale." 

When we were finished with our work, Michael and I jumped into the air and crashed our chests together like those silly football players do.  Touch down!!