Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Consecration Chain is Removed

Last night, I asked Michael to remove my consecration chain.

The worn metal is very meaningful to me and has been on my person since January 2009.   It was with me for nearly 2 solid years.  My dear friend Melanie put it on me at the Jesus Retreat.

Like others who have done this before me, I wore the chain as a reminder of my enslavement to the will of God when I made my Marian consecration to Him.

Before my wedding day, if you remember, I had the metal transferred from my wrist to my ankle so that my appearance might be more appropriate for the celebration of the feast of our wedding.  I thought long and hard before I made this decision, and when I did, I had a peace about it.

But, since its transfer to my ankle, it has been troublesome.

The chain twists and turns throughout the day with my movement, and this action has ripped holes in my nylons, pulled threads in my socks, and pinched my skin when I wear boots.  In addition, the chain turns fiery hot when I huddle near my space heater for warmth in the evenings.  And when it's hot, it burns quickly and cannot be removed!  Ouch.

And so, after prayerful reflection, I felt a peace about removing it.  With the help of Michael and two pliers last night, the chain was broken.

I decided to hang my consecration chain on my crucifix of Jesus.  This imagery of a broken chain reminds me how Jesus has set us free from the bondage of sin.  Praise God.

On my ankle I no longer wear a consecration chain, but forever I shall wear it in my heart!