Monday, December 19, 2011

An Early Christmas Present

Michael gave me an early Christmas present!  It's my new favorite toy! 

I had never heard of such a device before, but it's truly ingenious! 

Williams-Sonoma makes this wireless remote roasting thermometer for about $50.  You just stick the metal probe into your meat, program the little computer with your type of meat, desired temperature, and degree of "done-ness," and then...walk away from the kitchen!

The little remote can clip easily to your pants and will allow you to see what temperature your meat is at.  It's amazing to watch the temperature climb so quickly!

The pictures of each animal (a bull, cow, lamb, turkey, chicken, etc.) that appear on the screen make me smile.  But my favorite feature of this device is the jovial, upbeat woman's voice who announces (at 10 degrees before you desired temperature), "Your food is almost ready!" followed by, "Your food IS ready!" at the precise temperature.

What a lovely invention.  Thank you for bringing it into our kitchen, Michael!  :)