Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Seminarian We Met in Rome Comes to Visit!

What a small world it is!  Remember Taylor, the seminarian from Omaha, Nebraska whom we met in the center of Vatican City while we were on our honeymoon in Rome?  If you recall, it was thanks to him that we got to enjoy the Scavi Tour in the catacombs beneath St. Peter's Basilica and see the bones of St. Peter!

Well, as only God could orchestrate it, our paths crossed again -- this time in our backyard!  Taylor's sister was to be the lead actress in our local opera house's musical performance of Hair Spray, so he flew into town, along with his parents, other siblings, and cousins! 

We all met for dinner at our beloved Irish pub.  His family was SO EXCITED to meet us, for they had heard the stories from Taylor about God's providence in having us meet!

Thank you, God, for making this fun reunion possible!  God bless you, Taylor, as you prepare for the priesthood!