Monday, March 19, 2012

Hearing the Heartbeat and Finding the Precise Location of Our Baby

On the day before St. Valentine's Day (at almost 11 weeks pregnant) we had the joy of hearing our baby's heartbeat!

It took the doctor a full 5 minutes to locate the baby's heartbeat, and this time felt like an eternity.

She had assured me beforehand that it is often difficult to find, and that--if we didn't find it--she'd merely refer me for an ultrasound.

I was peaceful but so excited that I giggled nervously, and this movement of mine caused the stethoscope amplifier to produce a crazy, scratching sound!  In the background, you could hear my steady heartbeat and the squishing sounds of my digestive system.  Who knew I was so noisy inside!

When I realized that the doctor was not finding our baby, I began to pray.  "I know you're in there," I thought to my baby.  "Show us that you're here!"  And then I asked for Jesus to help us and for Our Lady to intercede.  I even asked for the help of St. Michael the Archangel.  But Heaven wanted us to wait...just a wee bit longer.

Finally, I remembered my dear friend St. Philomena.  No sooner had her beautiful name come into my mind, but the doctor found the heartbeat!  How incredible that by the mere thought of her NAME, she would come to our assistance!  Obviously she already loves our child very much!!  And God certainly loves her!

Our baby's heartbeat was faster than mine and very strong!  It was delightful to hear, and I recorded the sound using my video camera.

My wonderful mother (who went to the appointment with me, since Michael is saving his vacation days for closer to when the baby is born), excitedly handed me a pen from her purse.  "Mark the spot!" she suggested, and so I did -- with a happy little dot.  :)

That evening, as soon as he got home from work, Michael got to hear the recording I took of the baby's heartbeat.  He was so pleased!