Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tomorrow in My Classroom

Lately, a lot of my teacher friends have been asking me a lot of teacher-related questions.  :)  So, for fun,  I thought I'd share with you what's happening in my classroom tomorrow.

First, I'll share with you the walk-in greeting that my 7th graders will get to see upon entering my classroom.  Here is a screen shot of the first PowerPoint slide!

This is the normal type of thing I do at the start of class because I always like to have a fresh, productive start to the period.  :)

Tomorrow students will be turning in poster projects (each deriving the formula for surface area of a cylinder or cone), completing a quiz on surface area, and solving this open-ended problem solving activity that I created:

Shh!  Don't tell my students, but the data presented in the table above is just made up!  :)  Michael and I want to be surprised about the gender of our baby, so I created false data.  So, while the kids will excitedly weigh in with their prediction (using mathematics to support their decision), I can smile, knowing that really the gender is still a mystery!