Monday, April 30, 2012

Remembering a Special Moment

This might seem like an insignificant fire escape and back door to a boring utility building.

But to me, it is highly meaningful!

On the concrete just outside of the gray first-floor door of this fire hall-turned classroom, I experienced a momentous event.

It was the Summer of 2009, and I stood there nervously, my cell phone up to my ear, my grad class peers and professor inside, waiting with excitement.

I had already explained to them that if I got a call and had to rush out of class suddenly, it was because my realtor was calling -- and let's pray that it'd be with the good news of the seller having accepted my offer.

Sure enough, that's just what it was!!  I jumped with joy, thanked my realtor profusely, planned to meet him on my lunch break to sign further papers, and went back inside to experience the cheers and hugs of my professor and classmates.

I'll never forget it.  It felt like just yesterday.  Thank you, God, for this beautiful memory!  :)