Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Vintage Locket for Easter

Michael gave me a vintage heart-shaped locket for Easter!  It is from the 1940s and contains a little diamond chip in the front.

It is so petite and tiny, but I can't wait to squeeze into it a photograph of my husband and the first photograph of our precious baby.

I love the fact that this jewelry piece is vintage.  It's about the same age as our house (which was built in 1949) and our dining room table (made in 1943), as well as much of our house furniture (although our green piano and our light blue fire place mantel are from the early 1900s).

I wonder who owned the locket before us.  Whose picture did it once hold?  It is neat to think about the history that is wrapped up in this little heart, and I am thankful that we can continue to add to it!