Monday, April 16, 2012

The Weeuseables Event!!

What a blessing it is to have TWELVE friends who are currently pregnant like I am.  We all text, swap photos, share tips, and ask each other questions as we go.  It's such a grace to have friends that are going through the same thing as me!  Most of us are within 2 weeks gestation of each other.   It's pretty crazy!

This past week, my prego friend Jenna asked if I wanted to accompany her to The Weeuseables Event, which is a bi-annual giant consignment of baby clothes, baby toys, books, and maternity wear.  It's held at an expo center, so you know it's huge!

On first impressions, Jenna and I were completely overwhelmed.  We needed EVERYTHING we saw, yet we certainly couldn't buy it all.  How does one prioritize?!

Finally, we found a bunch of brand new or nearly new infant clothes -- and I joyfully kicked into high-gear, hugging every light yellow or light green onesie or sleeper that I could find.  Each ranged in price from $1 to $2.50.

Then Jenna and I found the maternity section -- and we went nuts!!  We were pulling pretty sun dresses and cute blouses off the rack in droves, laughing hysterically as we went.  Most pieces were $3 each, and nothing was more expensive than $5.  Gold mine!!

After loading up our baskets with a complete wardrobe, we snuck our finds into the girl's restroom and both headed immediately to the largest stall, where we tried on everything--swapping as we went-- smiling at how similar our belly sizes were!

Three hours cooked away before we finally got in line with our purchases.  That was so much fun!  By the time we were each home, it was a late 9 PM.  Had we been in our first trimesters, we could have never gone that long without dinner!  :)