Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Date Night at the Library

Ever since we've gotten married and desired to slow our lives down a bit, I've joked to Michael that we ought to get in the routine of having a recurring date night at the library.

Wouldn't that be wonderful? 

We'd go out to eat beforehand, I envisioned, and then we'd spend the evening browsing bookshelves and settling into a comfy pair of chairs in the corner by a window as the sun sets.

Or, if that sort of leisure were not possible, at least we could go there and I would plan my lessons while Michael helped me grade papers or something.

It sounds fantastic to me!

I've had this nerdy dream for a while, but we've been a bit too busy to actually do it.

...until last week.

We went out to eat first.  And then we went to the library.  It was just perfect.  Michael picked up a book they were holding for him, and I got a brand new library card!  It's been about 15 years since I've had one in my wallet, and I was excited to carry one with my new married name.

But, just as the romance was about to begin and sparks were about to fly (in the non-fiction section, of course)...I ran into my friend Charissa with her wonderful children!  And then, just as she and I were getting our conversation underway, Michael turned and suddenly saw Shawn, who was there to return a book!  And what a treat this was, since Shawn lives in a monastery now, several hours away, and would soon be on his way up to Vermont anyway.  He was just passing through, really.  But he was stopping at the library first.  :)

So our date night at the library didn't go quite as planned.  But that's OK.  We'll try again.  Tomorrow night I plan to meet Michael after work in the chemistry section.  :)