Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting the Cars Washed

Michael is particular about our cars.

He likes to have them cleaned regularly, inside and out. 

My little green Toyota from 1996 has never seen such amazing treatment.  Indeed, he's treated to the same spa luxuries as we give our 2010 Mercedes. 

The other day I went with Michael to our local car wash.  It's a good thing that he took me, for--as soon as the workers saw my pregnant belly--they said we could enjoy 50% off our bill because it was Mother's Day!  How kind of them.  Michael was thrilled.

But what got me there was the lure of the cookie jar that Michael promised was always full in the customer waiting lounge.

As I feasted on several of the little circles of goodness, Michael kicked back on the couch and watched the TV, which was already set to the golf channel. 

It was like they were expecting us.  :)