Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lisa's Green Machine

I've been trying to think of fun and creative ways to get lettuce into my diet. 

Since my beloved bleu cheese dressing is out-of-bounds for me during pregnancy, my motivation to consume leafy greens is a bit...wanting.

So today I thought I'd try a blended concoction.  I started with these:

Into my blender, I threw two oranges and one banana.

Then I poured in one whole can of coconut milk, followed by a tablespoon of frozen OJ concentrate.  I topped it all off with a handful of leafy greens.

And then I pressed the little "on" button.  The end result was this! 

Since I didn't like the dark spots (which were tiny pieces of leafy greens), I just kept blending it until a smooth, even green resulted.

So...do I like it?  Would I make it again?

The answer is...no, squared.  :-(