Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Mother's Heart and A Mother's Eyes

This year I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day!  Even though Baby Goddard is still cozy in my womb, the fact that he or she exists means that I am already a mother!  What a joy this brings to my heart!

I have noticed that, by the grace of God, my eyes are changing.  They view the world a bit differently now, and I think it is because God is giving me a mother's perspective on things.  I even look at strangers differently.  I look at them with more love.

For example, when I see a person that the world would consider "unattractive," I think about how--to someone--that person is their son or daughter.  That person therefore means the WORLD to them.  That person's mother's heart overflows with love for them, and such love would continue, even if the mother has passed away.

I thought about this recently while observing an old man in church.  He was overweight, balding, and looked a bit sad, tired, and lonesome.  By the world's superficial standards, he would be considered unattractive. 

But then I thought about his mother and how her heart would always behold him with joy.  To her, this man was the embodiment of all that she hoped and dreamed for in another person.  Into her son, she poured her very life.  How wonderful for that man!  No matter how difficult or challenging life may be and no matter what kinds of disappointments or rejections he might face in life, his heart would always know that he would be loved abundantly by his mother.

In her eyes, he would never age.  In her eyes, he could never disappoint.  

That sort of reassurance, that sort of just an invaluable asset.  It is a tremendous gift given to us by the grace of God!