Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Furry Sidekick

I love my sweet Macybaby Bumble Bee Thumpy-Wumpy.  She's my Sugar Pie and my Sweet Tooth.

I have so many dozens of ridiculous nicknames for her.  It's amazing that she's even learned her name because I am always calling her by a loving nickname!  I think I make up new ones every week!

Earlier this month on May 10th, we celebrated her 9th birthday.  I have had the blessing of her in my life for nearly 3 years now!

One of the trillion things I love about Macybaby is how she savors her enjoyments.

And she knows how to enjoy simplicity.

One of her greatest joys is the earth that God made for us, and she loves how He's blanketed most of it in soft grass.

When we begin our walks, she simply has to first roll around in the yard to take it all in.  And when I see her looking all crazy--her legs kicking with joyful jumps--I can't help but pause completely on the responsibilities of life and indulge in same sense of pure carefreedom.

And then she lays there, with her belly in the sunshine, a huge smile sweeping over her face, and her big beautiful brown eyes looking at me upside-down.   Her smile says in no uncertain terms, "Aren't I cute?  I bet you can't resist petting my furry belly!"  And she's right...because I get on my knees and do.  :)

Life without the companionship and love of a dog is indeed missing something.  How blessed I am to have Macy as my furry sidekick!