Sunday, June 17, 2012

Inside Out and Full of Luck!

My mother always told me that if you wear your clothes inside-out unintentionally, it's very good luck.

I'm sure it's just an old saying that's meant to make the person feel better for the fashion faux pas.

I make this mistake quite often, but usually it's kept in-house.

For example, it's often that I'll wake up in the morning, only to discover that my pajama shirt is inside-out or that my pajama pants were put on backwards.  It just makes me smile for a few moments, realizing again the risk one takes while trying to slip into pajamas in complete darkness.  :)

But this morning, while sitting in 7:30 mass and during Father's homily, I looked down at the strangely thick seams in my sleeves and suddenly realized that my white cardigan was hopelessly turned inside-out! 

This meant, of course, that my tags were showing to all the congregation that sat behind us.  I began to laugh embarrassingly and so did Michael.  This is what happens when we go to the early mass and rush around in the morning!

So, as Father continued to preach, I deftly slipped off my cartigan, turned it right-side out, and put it back on, my face finally beginning to cool and return to its normal color.  And then I tried to remind myself that I ought to be in store for some good luck today.  Right?

Humiliation sure keeps me humble!