Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Little Black Star Appears

I've already posted about how there's many little black stars hiding in our house.  They're due to my friend Shawn who--two years ago, in 2010--forgot to dump these confetti pieces into the trash before bringing into the house a handful of tablecloths that I used for the Haiti Benefit Dance.

When I opened up the tablecloths, thousands of stars spilled everywhere; and, although I tried my best to clean them all up initially, they have--inevitably--found themselves all around the house, as they stick to the bottom of shoes and travel quite easily.

The other night, as I was doing the dishes, one of the little black stars appeared on my hand!  It came right out of the sudsy water!  So, as I always do when I see one, I said a prayer for Shawn, who recently finished his one-year postulancy and is soon to begin a one-year novitiate at a Benedictine monastery.  :)