Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Fun, Full Saturday!

Yesterday was a lot of fun. 

Michael and I had breakfast on the porch at one of our favorite French places, Le Sorelle.  It's nestled in the woods of historic Mount Gretna.  The morning weather was just perfect!

After filling our bellies with these...

...we PROBABLY should have hit the trails to work off our food.

But instead, we jumped back in the car and drove two seconds down the road to look at the lake.  And we definitely saw enough to assure ourselves that we would certainly have to come back soon with our bathing suits.  :)

From there, we drove to the Ephrata Cloister to be tourists.  Michael wanted to go.  I love that he's not too cool to do tourist-y things.  I'm unused to this, considering that so many of my previous boyfriends were jaded individuals who'd never want to do such a "boring" thing.  But Michael loves history and is always up for trying anything, and I love him for it.  :)

It had been years since I had been on the property for a nighttime candle-lit tour with two of my colleagues, so I took in this daytime tour with fresh ears.

This now defunct religious community settled the town of Ephrata.  And they had very strict living practices.  They only ate once a day!  And they slept on hard boards and used wooden blocks as pillows!

Here's Michael fluffing his pillow before laying down...

And here he is attempting to nap!  Ouch!

Then we met up with our friends, Dan and Jenna, who are expecting their first child just 3 weeks after ours is due to arrive!  We went to the Appalachian Brewing Company and just LOVED our food.

Thank you, Jesus, for this awesome day of fun!  What a way to spend a Saturday.  :)