Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating Our One-Year Anniversary!

Today, on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Michael and I celebrated one year of marriage!  Praise be to God for this incredible gift!

Michael was the first to remember our anniversary upon our waking this morning.  As soon as he hit the snooze button, he wished me a happy anniversary!  Aww!

It was unfortunate that he had to go into work today (it being Monday and all...yuck), so I called him at the office just before 2 PM to wish him a happy anniversary again and to remind him that on this day one year ago and at that very moment, I was crossing the street from our house to the church in order to marry him!  :)

When he got home from work, he took me out for a surprise dinner -- which ended up being at the same restaurant in which we had our first date!  It was my beloved Taj Mahal, where we feasted on authentic Indian cuisine.  :)

After dinner, we exchanged gifts.  I gave him two hats and a golf club.  And he gave me another little blue box from Tiffany's!  Inside was a beautiful silver necklace pendant, engraved with my initial.  Simply gorgeous!

Then we reminisced about our first year of marriage and how quickly it flew by.  I asked him to think of some fun goals or "hopefuls" that we could aim for in Year #2. 

He pondered my question quietly.  And then he began.   To schedule less, he requested.  To spend more time with family, he suggested.  To live more simply, he desired.  And to selectively spend time with friends who lift us up.  This all sounded great to me!

When we got home and were ready for bed, I suddenly remembered that there was just one more thing to do:  eat some cake from the top layer of our wedding cake, which we had been saving in the freezer! 

Now where exactly did I put it?   I had to search around a bit...

Behind the frozen orange juice, there was the white square cardboard cake box!  But our beloved cake layer had, unfortunately, been residing in only a white cardboard box in our freezer for the last 365 days.  I never thought to put it in plastic!  Oops.

There was just too much excitement on our wedding night to think about Tupperware.  We shoved the cardboard box into our freezer and then completely forgot about it.

So tonight, would we be tasting butter-cream vanilla sweetness or...cardboard?

The cake looked fresh and beautiful and brought back instant memories of our blissful wedding day.  Only the monogram seemed to have squished a bit.

Since Michael was already getting into bed, I cut a piece of cake and brought it to him on a breakfast tray.  We fed each other the cake, just like we did on our wedding day.  And you know what?  It tasted DELICIOUS!!