Sunday, July 08, 2012

Garden Statues of Mary

Here's the most recent statue of Our Lady that I encountered while on vacation!
I have an uncanny ability to spot garden statues of Mary....instantaneously.

My head always seems to turn and notice them seconds before they'd be out of sight.  It doesn't matter if we're going 25 miles per hour or 45; I catch 'em!

I would say that, in a given week, I probably see 12-15 statues of Mary.  And this frequency continues even if I'm traveling through an area I don't know. That is what makes it particularly noticeable.  How do my eyes know where to look if I've never been here before?  Amazing.

When I see a statue of the Blessed Mother, I pause and take a moment to pray for someone in my life.  Clearly, Jesus' Mother is asking me to keep praying!!  Otherwise, I'm sure I wouldn't catch seeing so many statues of her!

Since I always have my camera with me, I ought to start saving photographs of the statues of Mary that I encounter.  And wouldn't that make a fun book to publish and keep out on a coffee table?  I think so!

Maybe I ought to consider it...

Mary, pray for us!