Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Conversation with God

Dear God,

Thank you for this baby growing inside of me.  Thank you for this bodily vessel that sustains both of our lives.  Thank you for the miracle of having a loving husband.  Thank you for the blessing of our supportive families.  May we use the good health you have gifted us with to bless others and lead others to You.

Let me never forget what it felt like when I had no husband and no child.  Let me never forget how I relied on You and must still rely on You.  Let me never forget the journey I have traveled, the lessons I have learned, the people who have helped me, and my utter dependence upon You. 

Let me never forget that I am Your daughter, and may I never stray from the path of Your will for my life.  Let me never grow self-confident in my vocation.  Rather, help me to have a tender heart that is sympathetic to others and learns through empathy.

With Your help, sustain me as a loving mother, strong disciplinarian, faithful example, and nurturing wife.  Please allow me to live a long, healthy, happy, and prosperous life with my husband, and may all of us spend our Eternity with You!