Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Dreams of a Quacker

They say that when you're pregnant, you can have weird dreams.

Dreams where you imagine you're birthing out a puppy instead of a child...or dreams where you become certain of the gender of your child.  They could be uber-crazy or ultra-scary.  Anything goes, they say.

I haven't had any exciting or noteworthy dreams since getting pregnant...up until now.  All this week and last, I wake up dreaming about a duck.

He's quacking.  And quacking.  And quacking. 

And then...finally stops.

Ten minutes later, he walks into the scene of my dream and again starts quacking.

His presence is unexpected and totally odd. 

No matter what I'm dreaming about at that moment, into the scene strolls this beautiful white Pekin duck, reminiscent of my former pet, Harold.  And all he wants to do is, "Quack!"

The characters in my dream all stop and stare.  We all have to look down, since he's quite short.  He's interrupting everything!  And we're all so, so very confused.

Finally he stops his quacking.

But, 10 minutes later, he's back at it.  Again.

Just as we're all about to throw our hands up in surrender to the insurmountable algorithm which keeps this happening, I suddenly am lucid enough to remember.

Michael changed the sound on his iPhone alarm to the duck, and it's time for us to wake up!