Saturday, July 07, 2012

On Vacation But Still Connected! :)

Even though we're on vacation, we're not without our devices.  :)

Michael's Dad snapped this photo of the three of us on the couch, each of us focused on our laptops or iPads.  Our precious niece Addie is between us.  Meanwhile, Michael's sister Jen was on her phone texting her colleagues while her husband Andrew was watching TV, and Dad was on his laptop doing work.  Mom was the only one not engaged in technology.

Should we feel guilty about our devices?  Nah.  We're on vacation!   Doing what you want to do is part of that!  And not every night is like this.  Most of the time, we're sitting around chatting and eating.  But tonight, I'm uploading the photos we took the day before, while Addie watches Elmo and Michael plays golf.  :)