Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Packing on the Poundage

I have this funny philosophy about my body weight.

In my teens, I believed it would be appropriate for me to weigh in the 110's.  And I just happened to.

In my 20s, I believed it would be appropriate for me to weigh in my 120s.  And again, I just happened to.

I planned that, when I entered my 30s, it would be appropriate for my weight to be in the 130s.  Once again, it happened quite naturally.

When I enter my 40s, I would like to weigh somewhere in the 140s. 

Curves are, I think, healthy and expected on a well-adjusted, middle-aged woman.

But, don't worry, my weight-gain philosophy ends there.  When I hit my 50s, I think my weight should definitely not increase. :)

Pregnancy, however, has put a bit of a hiccup in my weight pattern!  I have never weighed this much before in my life.  Yikes.

Prior to getting pregnant, I was, ironically, a healthy 132 at age 32.  Last night, though, I tipped the scale at 170 pounds.  Can you believe it?  I'm just now entering my 9th and final month of pregnancy, and so far I've gained 36 pounds.  Egads!

Please pray with me, dear reader, that my body is gaining weight appropriately.  Please pray that my body may shed these pounds easily once baby has been born.