Sunday, August 12, 2012

36 Weeks!

Here I am at 36 weeks, looking a little sleepy because Mike snapped this photo early in the morning, just before we crossed the street to attend the earliest mass.

When we go to mass that early, we're with most of the senior citizens, and there's usually no music because the musicians are probably still sleeping.  :)

I usually just jump into the same clothes I wore the day before, and when we're back from mass, we're back into pajamas -- and relaxing on the couch, eating breakfast!  A great way to spend a Sunday morning!

Oh, how life will change even more beautifully once our little cherub makes a debut!  I wonder if our routine with Baby will make the earliest mass possible...or not desirable at all!  Who knows!  Haha.

One thing I do know is that I'll have to start packing Michael's lunch the night before, not the morning of.  There's too much unpredictability with a newborn, and I'd be afraid that the baby would start crying during the critical 20-minute window when I pack his lunch while he's showering and dressing.

So our routines are certainly going to change!  But God already has me adjusted to the patterns of not sleeping through the night.  I wake up every 2 hours to pee and hydrate.  I think I get most of my hydration during the night, honestly.  I guzzle water every time I get up!  Haha.