Thursday, August 09, 2012

5.5 Pounds and Tall Like Daddy

September 5th is almost here!  Many people think that Baby will be born early, though.  I am hoping that Baby waits for September 8th, the day that the Church celebrates the birthday of Our Lady!

At my 36-week check-up today, Dr. Sharee Livingston (a wonderful Catholic obstetrician) told me that baby is still in the down position (hooray!) and--after doing a few Leopold Maneuvers on my belly--explained that Baby is probably about 5.5 pounds right now, which is just perfect.  Praise God!

I also praise God that my fundus (belly) is continuing to measure perfectly.  Thank you, Jesus!

She felt and explained to me that Baby's little bottom was under my left breast and that his or her legs were bent over and dangling down my right side.  How cute and fun!

Dr. Livingston asked me, "Is your husband tall?" to which I replied affirmative, and she continued, "I can tell!  This baby is has some length to it!"  What great news to hear!

I am so thankful that, as of this week, the nursery is completely finished.  Absolutely everything is in place.  We are all set to go!  It looks so cute, and I promise to post pictures very soon.

The only thing that remains to be done is to finish packing our suitcase for the hospital.  But, with the hospital only 5 minutes from our house, anything that we forget can be easily and quickly obtained by my parents and brought to us!  Praise God again!!