Friday, August 10, 2012

An Afternoon with Britta!

Today my dear friend Britta traveled up from southern Maryland to spend the afternoon with me!  I was so grateful!

She's only 3 weeks behind me in her pregnancy, so we both waddled around at the same pace, needed to stop for hydration around the same time, and grabbed seats whenever possible to rest!  Haha! 

Britta is the first person I turned to with admission of my fears at the start of this pregnancy.  I knew that I could tell her anything and that she would lift me up by both her faith in God and her experience (having already had little Xavier about 2 years ago).  What I love about Britta is how candid she is.  She's perfectly honest and readily admits her weaknesses and struggles.  And by this, she encourages me!

I admitted to her then that I struggled greatly with feelings of inadequacy and worries that I would start throwing up suddenly all over the place.  But she calmed my fears and assured me that the Holy Spirit would develop my confidence in my sense of motherhood as the 9 months of pregnancy continued.  And she was right!  Praise God!

We ate lunch at the Tomato Pie Cafe and then spent the afternoon walking around the Green Dragon Farmer's Market.  Then we came home to cool off in the icy air conditioning which I promptly cranked!

Thank you, Jesus, for Britta's true friendship!  I hope we always stay in each other's lives.