Monday, August 13, 2012

Anticipating an Eternal Being

Our crib is all set to go for Baby!

I dressed it with linens about a week ago.  Michael's generous parents gave us the complete green and white set from the Pottery Barn.

Soon I promise to post more pictures of the complete nursery for you so that you can see the soft green curtains in the windows, the changing table / dresser, and the white wooden rocker.  :)

The colors of everything in the nursery are light green, cream, and white.

I chose not to paint the walls because I didn't want any of us breathing in those nasty chemical fumes! 

Plus, maybe I'm boring, but I'm rather content with cream-colored walls. 

They make a room feel more spacious, I think, and they are like a blank canvas, giving you more freedom to work with color elsewhere in the room.

I find myself peering into the crib often these days, anticipating the presence of the new little one who will soon sleep there.  Even Macy, our golden retriever, goes into the nursery often, looking for the little someone who will soon arrive.

A new eternal being, created in the image and likeness of God!  This little someone will have a unique mission, a vocation, a specific calling in life.  This little person will be called to GREATNESS and, ultimately, to union with God Himself in Heaven.  This little person, made out of my love for Michael and his love for me, has BIG SHOES to grow into and is called to be saint.  This little person will bring immense joy to our lives and will care for us when we're old.  This little person will become the CENTER of our lives for the REST of our lives!

Praise God for this new life within me that will soon be making a debut outside of me!  Baby Goddard, we are ready for you!  :)