Sunday, August 19, 2012

I Heart Fossil!

I love Fossil.  They're such a good brand.

Their bags are so attractive. 

And while it is true that:
  • Sometimes their bags have too much hardware.
  • I'm not a fan of their zippers with rough edges.  
  • And, of course, I wish the price tags were smaller.
...These are my only complaints.  :)

Their Fall line this year is absolutely scrumptious.  Chocolate and navy is the new color pallet.

I met this bag for the first time today and absolutely fell in love. 

It was the hard kind of fall, the kind of love-struck topple I haven't taken for a handbag in several years.  I started hyperventilating. 

Now I'm scheming to figure out how I can earn $148 to make this purchase guilt-free.

It's time for Mr. Craig List and I to have a little brainstorming chat.  :)