Thursday, August 02, 2012

Like a Little Popcorn Machine

Our sweet little baby gets the hiccups ALL the time now.

Most of the time, I think they happen when I unexpectedly startle him or her, like when I roll over suddenly in bed.

They'll seemingly last forever, and then I'll start to feel bad for our little guy or girl!

Sometimes I can help the hiccups to go away by rolling over again or jiggling my whole body suddenly.

But this morning, BOTH baby and I got the hiccups at the same time.  We were helpless!

Our hiccup rhythms were different, of course, so my body literally felt like it was a popcorn machine.

I turned to Michael, who was still asleep beside me, and wondered if he'd be next to hiccup.  When he gets the hiccups, they are intense and shake the whole bed!  And when Macy gets them during the night, her breathing becomes so irregular that it wakes us up and we usually have to jiggle her hard and wake her up to get them to stop.  So funny!

It's funny that, of all the lessons God chooses to give a new human being, experiencing The Hiccup is one of the first.  It must be His sense of humor!