Saturday, August 04, 2012

Spending Our Day with Newlyweds Marc and Jenny!

What fun we had today!

Our dear friends Marc and Jenny came from near Philadelphia to spend the day with us.  We spent the day as tourists, going on an Amish buggy ride and touring an Amish farm.  The last time I had done anything like this, I was a little girl!

We took a tour of a dairy farm, and I just LOVED Bessie the cow.  She was right next to Marble the cow.  What great names for cows!  Each cow had her own name plate.  :)

Here is the buggy we got to ride in!

The farmer explained to us that years ago his son caught this goldfish in a creek.  He put it in the horses' drinking moat and it has stayed there and GROWN for the past 10 years.  Amazing!

This horse REALLY loved Michael.  The horse even nuzzled into Michael's face and licked him, giving him a little horsey kiss!  I did not get the same attention, so it must have been a girl!

Michael found a great souvenir.  Each golf ball says on one side, "I love Intercourse, PA."  On the other side, it has my name.  :)
What a fun day.  Thank you, Marc and Jenny, for coming to spend the day with us!