Wednesday, September 12, 2012

10 Days Old!

I am a better person when I'm holding Liam. 

I look down at him and can truly feel his innocence, his purity, and the fact that He was so recently made in the image and likeness of God. 

And this experience now makes me view others and this world waaaay differently. This must be part of what it feels like to be a mother! I had no idea that it'd feel quite like this, but I am grateful.
 I am loving being Liam's mother.  I had absolutely no idea how exhausting it would be to care for a newborn, but every second has been worth it!

Liam has such a gentle and loving spirit.  He rarely fusses.  And he's a ferocious breastfeeder, generous pooper, and peaceful sleeper.  Praise God.

Breastfeeding was very challenging in the beginning, as Liam was learning to latch properly and I wasn't producing much colostrum. 

But when my milk came in last Wednesday, September 5th, breastfeeding took flight.  Little Liam nursed all night long, and I didn't get a wink of sleep.  One breastfeeding session lasted two solid hours before he finally stopped so that I could keep up with changing his diaper.  And as soon as that was done, it was time to breastfeed again.  My inexperienced arms ached from holding his 8 pounds for 24 hours straight.

I guess God gives a special grace to mothers to keep changing diapers and offering milk when you have severe sleep deprivation.  All last week, I looked pale and sickly, couldn't walk well as my lower parts healed, and was in desperate need of a good, hot soaking in the bath.  Plus, I was constantly thirsty and ravenous.  But when you're a mom, your child comes first.  So I plowed through and kept trying to meet Liam's needs, despite my own.

And, finally, we have reached a peaceful plateau.  Instead of no sleep, I get about 4 hours a night now.   Michael stocked the refrigerator with dozens of frozen entrees which I can grab and heat up in a moment's notice.  And as much as we love our friends and family, the Non-Stop Surprise Daytime Visitor Parade has finally waned.

My color is coming back, and I feel good.  :)