Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out and About in a Cute Sweater!

Yesterday we went out.

I mean really out.

...into the slightly chilly, beautiful Autumn air.

This time, it wasn't for a typical check-up at the doctor's.

This time, it was for sheer FUN.

For the first time since Liam's birth, I felt truly and 100% back to my normal, energetic self.  Praise God.  It's amazing what a little sleep can do, and Liam has been allowing me some!

We enjoyed multiple walks around the neighborhood, sometimes with a stroller, sometimes without.  Whenever we're outside, Liam LOVES to look at the trees.  He's absolutely fascinated with them.  I've even caught him peering up at them through the windows in our living room.  He's probably planning now he'll climb them in the future.  :)

This was his little going-out outfit yesterday.  His sweater was hand-sewn by my mother-in-law's dear friend Barbara.  :)

We also took a 30-minute drive to a jewelry shop where I sold two of my rings for $160.  And Liam hummed during the entire car ride but would stop humming whenever the car stopped.  It was so cute!