Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Little Hand that Grasped My Own

This is the sweet little hand that grasped my own on September 2nd. 

A little tiny person.  A new life.  A new someone.

This world is so big and huge and scary to a little new person, and I was honored to be the one that he grasped.

He reached out to me with love and trust.  In his vulnerability, he reached out to me with the hope that I might love him back and take care of him and show him the ways of this world.

He's trusting me to teach him, guide him, and encourage him.  He's believing that I'll be there for him, now and always.  He's giving me everything that he's got and all that he is, and he's hoping that I'll love him unconditionally no matter what the future holds.

He's asking me to be his Mother, and I couldn't be more honored to say yes.