Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Resemblance of Father and Son

The resemblance of father and son just amazes me. 

While breastfeeding, I've had plenty of time to examine the precious and intricate features of Little Liam.  And the other night, while Michael was sound asleep, I examined his face, too.  So many of the features that Michael has, our son Liam has also!

The only things I can be certain that I gave to our son are his nose, his toes, and possibly his eyebrows.  Liam has a pug nose like I do, and Michael has another type of nose altogether.  So I know the nose came from me! 

Michael's longest toe on both feet is the one that comes after his first toe, but Little Liam's longest toe is the first one, just like mine.  So he has my toes!

And I could be wrong, but I have a hunch that the eyebrows came from me.

Everything else, though, seems to have come from Daddy!  I am lucky to share my life with these two handsome men!