Sunday, October 07, 2012

A New Gift of Mother's Intuition

God gave me a new gift when He gave us Liam.  It's called Mother's Intuition. 

It's developing within me more and more each day.  Sometimes it's a gut feeling or a silent understanding, even when my child can't express himself with words.

A moment ago, it was a feeling I just couldn't ignore.  I was in the basement, doing laundry, when suddenly I had a compelling reason to check on Liam in his bassinet.

I dropped everything that I was doing and ran upstairs.  As I breezed past a sleeping Macy in the living room, her calm demeanor began to suggest that I was probably being overly protective and worrisome.

But, when I walked into the bedroom and saw that Liam had inadvertently brought the blanket covers up over half of his face (including his mouth and nose), I immediately fixed the problem and thanked God for my new mommy superpowers.