Monday, October 01, 2012

A Stroller Walk Around the Neighborhood

This was my afternoon!

We took a walk in the glorious sunshine.  It was warm and beautiful out, like a Spring day -- only it is early Autumn, the first of October, and the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux!

Liam is so alert and attentive these days that I've come to learn that he needs more than just my lovin' and breastmilk.

He's ready to experience the world, albeit in baby steps.  Yes, he's ready to learn and make memories.  And I couldn't be more privileged to be right there beside him as he's experiencing it.

So today, when I could sense that he was getting eager to experience more of life, we took another stroller walk around the neighborhood.  The sunshine would be good for his skin, I figured, and so I took off his cute little froggie hat.

He squinted when the sun shone in his eyes, but most of the time he enjoyed looking up at the trees and also at me.  After two laps around the neighborhood, the gentle rhythm of the bumps in the concrete had lulled him into a peaceful sleep.

When we got home, he was eager to breastfeed again, and--now that I am no longer sleep-deprived--I find myself looking forward to it as much as he does.  Feeling his warm little body against mine, watching his sweet little eyes look sideways and up at me, listening to his little squeaks and excited breathing, and watching as his little hands flex and wiggle with delight just give a mama a beautiful sense of bliss and peace.  :)