Sunday, November 25, 2012

June 2007 Theology of the Body Graduate Class

It's so awesome how God works.  In June of 2007, I attended Christopher West's week-long graduate class on the late Great Pope John Paul II's teaching called Theology of the Body.  I had been thinking about going to it for years but just didn't answer God's call very promptly.  Ah, procrastination.

My friend Melanie was the only girl I knew who would be in attendance, since this was her job at the time.  Thanks to her, I was persuaded to plop down the money and go...and I loved every moment of it.  It was truly life-changing.

Little did I know, sitting in the class with me was a wonderful person who would--several years later--become a dear friend of mine.  Although she, too, knew Melanie, Britta and I didn't cross paths that week in 2007.

But, two years later, in 2009 we did -- and at the same location, incredibly.  And while our friendship then had to be very short-lived due to other social circumstances, in 2011 our friendship sprouted again...and, in 2012, it blossomed, as she became my companion in the blessed state of being pregnant, her with her second and me with my first.

Can you find me in the class photo above?  Britta is just two people to the right and one row behind me!  Melanie's hanging out in the front row, sitting next to the friar!  What fun that class was.  Ah, memories!

If you look on the far left edge of the photo, you'll see EWTN's Father Andrew Apostoli who was also a student with us!  He's a familiar face that you've probably seen on the show called Sunday Night Prime.