Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Little Cowboy

I've made a terrible mistake.  Thank GOD my husband suspected something was awry and investigated things last night. 

As I scooped up little Liam and affectionately called him again my little "bugaboo," Michael asked me if I knew what that word meant.

I said that I did not but I figured it was similar to a cutie pie.  After all, what is a cutie pie?  Certainly it is not a pie that looks cute!

Michael was not sure what the word meant, either, but he had a suspicion that it came with a negative connotation.  I thought he was absurdly paranoid.

But Wikipedia proved me wrong.  We came to learn that "bugaboo" is another name for the Boogie Man and that it is the embodiment of all fear and anxiety.  How terrible!

Horrified, I held Liam tight and apologized profusely.  How could I have so grossly misinterpreted a word?  I could have sworn that I've heard other people call their children this.

Puzzled, it finally dawned on me about an hour later.  The word I should have been using is "buckaroo!"  That's what I've heard other people call their children.  So we Googled that and came to learn that it is a nickname for a little cowboy.

That's much more fitting!!