Thursday, November 01, 2012

Our Little Pea Pod

Last night was Liam's first Halloween!  We dressed him up as a pea pod!

When I first showed Liam the costume, he smiled big at it.  But then, he began to question it, wrinkling his brow. 

Maybe he had hoped to be a super hero or something.  Oops.  We never asked him!

In the end, he agreed to wear it. And boy, did he look CUTE!

After Liam was dressed, we all sat down to dinner -- and I announced that tonight NOBODY should be eating any peas with their meal!

Michael's father was with us; he had stopped here after his business trip to Washington, DC and had spent the day working upstairs in our office, since his home in New Jersey was still without power from Hurricane Sandy.

The trick-or-treaters started visiting our house just as we had sat down to eat.  Unlike last year where we got NO visitors, this year we went through our entire (single, small) bag of candy and then resorted to giving out granola bars and Mott's Fruit Snacks from our cupboard. 

Whenever we heard a knock at the door, Michael would excitedly jump up, greet the children with enthusiasm, step outside, and start guessing what their costumes were.  He is so good with kids! 

Liam and I would hover inside the doorway to keep warm, and the kids kept saying he was soooo cute. 

One little boy, who wore a fantastic home-made costume that made him look like a jar of grape jelly commented, "I wish my mom would have dressed me up in something that cute when I was that small!"  Meanwhile I was thinking, "Can we borrow that grape jelly costume so Liam can wear it when he's your age?"  Haha.

Thank you, Jesus, for a wonderful first Halloween as a family of three!