Monday, November 05, 2012

The Baby and Toddler Expo!

Yesterday Jenna and I went to The Baby and Toddler Expo!

What could be more up our alley than this?!  The entire event represented all that is ever on our minds these days, as our precious newborn sons are all we can think about!  To go to an event that was all about babies was just perfect!  I woke up that morning insanely excited.  I couldn't wait to proudly tote my little boy around!

Doing this reminded me of how my parents used to take me to expos regarding whatever topic it was that I was interested in at the time.  When we first adopted Harold the duck, my heart delighted in attending farm shows and spending all my time in the poultry section.  When we first adopted Cotton, cats were all I could ever think about -- and so we went to many cat shows.  When I first got into hermit crabs, of course I attended the Hermit Crab Convention at the beach.  And when I adopted Macy, I attended several dog conventions.  So this is the kind of thing I do!!  Haha.

My awesome, enthusiastic, ever-supportive parents even surprised us by showing up at the expo!  They didn't come in but waved to us at the entrance and stayed just long enough to squeeze their little grandson and snap the above photo.

There was SO MUCH CUTENESS everywhere we looked at this expo!  I giggled inside as I saw myself in others.  Like me, there were hundreds of moms pushing around massive travel systems (a fancy name for a complex stroller and car seat combo), weaving their cute babies through the maze of business tables, promotional freebies, spilled food, and crying children, meanwhile dodging swinging diaper bags and spittle that all too often becomes a projectile.

As we navigated the happy pandemonium, we looked on the map and aimed first for the "breastfeeding area," figuring that well-fed boys would make for happier mommas.  I giggled when I saw it.  The room was dimly lit to promote calmness, each chair had its own table, and the tables were spaced out for more privacy.  Even more, the heavy, sliding walls acted like sound barriers.  It was like a new mommy's dream.  :)

We went in and set up shop, strapping on our udder covers and giving our boys what they wanted!

After a good feeding, we browsed the whole expo and had a lovely time.  Before we left, though, we took our boys to the "diaper changing area."  We decided to put Joseph and Liam beside one another.  They both looked at each other in awe, probably amazed to see someone their own age.  This was their second time hanging out, so we do wonder if they recognized each other!

Then, as you'll see in the photo below, Joseph and Liam totally did a fist pump!! They were probably celebrating their clean diapers and the fact that they just caused their mommies lots of clean-up work!

Tee-hee!  What a fun day!