Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Chopping Down the Christmas Tree

On the Saturday following Thanksgiving, we set out with the Kreiger Family to chop down a Christmas tree.  It was an absolutely frigid late November day, but we bundled up our boys and made the best of what will hopefully become an annual tradition.  So much fun!

The walk to the batch of trees we needed to get to was quite a long one.  We had to go up a hill, over a windy field, and down the side of a mini-mountain.  As the wind blew hard and cold, I know all of us probably kept thinking, "Why did we bring our boys out in this?" and "What's wrong with these good trees that we're passing?"  But finally we made it to the spot where we could choose the tree we wanted.

Can you find Michael and Dan?

Dan, Jenna, and Joseph, standing in front of the tree they selected!

Michael, Liam, and I, standing in front of the tree we selected!

Warming up afterwards with chocolate crepes and piping hot apple cider!

I don't care how crazy I look.  I was in chocolate crepe heaven!

Michael asked me to choose a Dutch windmill ornament for our Christmas tree.  Thank you, babe!

We bought our tree a home-made Christmas tree skirt.

Every year, the Christmas tree farm staff issues a different wooden ornament, which every customer gets for free.  This year, the ornament was a little lamb!  How perfect for our little boy whose nursery is lamb-themed!