Sunday, December 09, 2012

Christmas Comes Early!

My dear friend Karen is sooooo generous.  Just look at how many Christmas gifts she bought for our Little Liam!  She arrived today with a small truck full of them.  What a surprise!  Liam looked a bit overwhelmed at first, as you can see.

Michael and I helped her unload, but there were too many presents to put around our Christmas tree, and there was not enough room to store them on our first floor.  So, we took them directly to the basement.  What color and warmth her shiny gifts brought to our otherwise boring, cold, and gray cement basement!

Before diving in, Liam posed for this cute picture with Karen.  What a lucky boy!  We unwrapped gifts for about an hour, then decided to pause for hot chocolate and finish the rest on another day, since it was just too much to unwrap in one sitting!  Thank you, Karen!

Oh my goodness, will I have a looooong thank-you note to write!

Just kidding.  This blog is totally bogus!