Monday, December 31, 2012

Let's Take a Road Trip!

I love long car rides with my husband.  It's like going on a date.   It feels like just the two of us, for the car always lulls to sleep Liam in his car seat.

On those long car-journey-dates, we cover so much.  First, we usually pray the Rosary because both of us need centering after the hurried rush to eat, pack, and load the car (which usually has us bickering over packing strategies and the methods each of us employ to coax our golden retriever into up into our SUV).

Then we hash out what needs to be hashed out.  Then we start talking about golf (or, more so, that I'm listening) and then, wonderfully, we start dreaming about the future.  And we start planning it, right then and there.

When we arrive at our destination, he and I are on the same page again, our marriage is better, and we're slightly better people. 

Thank you, Jesus, for these long-distance, travel-dates.  Our vision of Your Will for us is clearer when we have them!