Thursday, December 20, 2012

Show and Tell Day at School

Today I awoke excited, knowing that I was about to experience the ultimate Show and Tell Day at school.

Three decades ago, this day meant taking to school my favorite stuffed animal.  And while today I approached the school building with a big, fuzzy blue bear in my arms, this little bear wiggled and breathed on his own.  What a difference!

Beneath that fuzzy, full-body, light blue coat was my baby -- and I was about to show him off!  Our precious pride and joy was going to meet 60+ faculty members.  I would excitedly show them the beautiful and compelling reason why I had chosen to put my teaching career on hold with no regrets.

Today was the Christmas Luncheon, where retirees and current faculty would schmooze over free food and wax festive about the holidays.  And hopefully they'd fuss over our boy.  I couldn't wait!

What pleasure it gave me to see the school and its staff, just as I had left it, back in June!  Nothing had changed, thank God, and this allowed me to savor it all the more.  Large smiles washed over familiar faces, and I gave hugs to whomever would take them.

Perhaps encouraged by the excited squeals of everyone who saw him, Liam quickly became more of a socialite than I ever was, leaving my arms and making his way around the room like a celebrity.  He allowed himself to be eagerly passed from person to person, not staying too long with one, lest another become despondent. 

This he kept up for 2.5 hours.  He charmed his way through all three lunch shifts, not even stopping to have his own lunch.  Then, like the sweet slumber that comes after a good party, he passed out.

As I wheeled him in the stroller to our car in the parking lot, I felt a pang in my chest.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for this wonderful human being which I am privileged to call my son.  And I felt an ache of sadness, missing all my colleagues and the career that I had poured my heart and soul into for 11 wonderful years.

But I had always prayed for this moment.  I prayed desperately that one day I could trade teaching for motherhood.  And, praise God, it is here!

Here we are, in the most beautiful time of our lives, and I could not treasure this more.  This Show and Tell Day was the very best yet.