Thursday, January 10, 2013

Father's Youngest Student

Our little Liam is already enrolled in a Catholic catechism class!  Can you believe it?!

He started back in November, before Thanksgiving.  Once a week ever since, he spends 1.5 hours learning about deep theological concepts like divine revelation, the Holy Trinity, and Christology.  He's learned about sacred Scripture, sacred Tradition, the Sacraments, the Magisterium, and Canon Law.  He's learned how to debunk historic heresies, and he's even managed to learn a little Latin in the process.  Impressive!

He's Father Pang Tcheou's youngest student (by about 65 years or so), and he's so focused on the content of the lectures that you'll barely hear a peep from him.  He's never asked a question, but he thoughtfully ponders everything.  Often, he ponders things with his eyes closed while he's breastfeeding with me in the back corner of the room, but still.  He ponders!  I'm sure of it!

Father Tcheou is a cassock-wearing wealth of information regarding all things Catholic.  My mother and I look forward to attending his lectures in the evening, after we've enjoyed an afternoon with Liam, his grandfather, and his great grandmother.  Over 60 people attend Father Tcheou's class!

Before we head out to class, my mother always cooks up a fantastic dinner.  We make Liam our table's centerpiece; and, boy, is he good entertainment for the evening!

 I know these days are the some of the sweetest ones of my entire life.