Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Hidden in My Heart

My most tender moments with Liam continue to be whenever I am listening to this CD.

The songs are beautiful Scripture lullabies, yet we listen to them in the late afternoon, just as the sun is setting.

The music is gentle but also very full and rich at times, making it feel like a soundtrack from a great movie.

But instead, this is the soundtrack of our lives, at least in those special moments where it's just Liam and me in the Nursery, as I fold clothes and he watches me with a calm love in his eyes.

With the background of our lives as this music, everything is in perspective...an eternal perspective.  Every moment is treasured. 

Beautiful, faithful music like this makes me feel real.  When I listen to it, I become a better mother, a better daughter, a better human being, a better child of God.

My dear friend Juliana gave it to me. Imagine if she hadn't!  Certain moments wouldn't have happened or wouldn't have been so sweet. 

I'm discovering beautiful things hidden in my heart that reveal themselves only when we're listening. :)